SportsGrid Incorporated launches NewsWire sportsbetting information service

American multimedia content and technology firm SportsGrid Incorporated has announced the premiere of its weekly NewsWire program anchored by veteran radio personality Craig Mish.

The New York-headquartered enterprise used an official press release to detail that the first episode of its hour-long streaming NewsWire service was broadcast yesterday and is to be followed by new episodes every Tuesday afternoon offering sportsbetting aficionados a comprehensive range of headlines, storylines and actionable insights from the editorial teams at Legal Sports Report and The Sporting News.

Urgent understanding:

SportsGrid Incorporated was already responsible for a stable of multimedia destinations including DailyRoto, SportsGrid Radio and the SportsGrid Streaming Video Network and explained that it utilizes real-time information and intelligence from sports data intelligence specialist Sportradar AG. The company’s Audience and Syndication General Manager, Jason Sukhraj, used the press release to assert that the NewsWire innovation is due to ‘feature the most important headlines, events and storylines of the day’ so as to supply ‘comprehensive reporting on matters pertaining to sportsbetting.’

Read a statement from Sukhraj…

“NewsWire is based on two tenets; perspective and authority. Both tenets are supported by the strategic content alliance between SportsGrid Incorporated, Legal Sports Report and The Sporting News delivering the relevant daily news with insightful and authentic analysis to the sportsbetting audience base across the nation.”

SportsGrid Incorporated launches NewsWire sportsbetting information service

Transformational transition:

SportsGrid Incorporated declared that the advent of digital technologies has ‘fundamentally changed’ how its video content is created, presented and distributed across a plethora of multimedia platforms. The firm went on to pronounce that the strategic content alliances behind its NewsWire service will allow the fresh innovation to ‘break news with deep editorial insights, analysis and perspective’ via the successful management of ‘effective collaboration and workflow coordination.’

Prestigious promotion:

For his part and the Global Editor-In-Chief for The Sporting News, Benson Taylor, proclaimed that his organization is ‘thrilled’ to have joined with SportsGrid Incorporated for the NewsWire advance in order to expand its reputation as ‘a leading destination for fans and a key partner for leagues and broadcasters around the globe.’

A statement from Taylor read…

“The Sporting News has a strong heritage of going beyond the score to deliver insight, analysis and context on the biggest stories in sports. We’re excited for the opportunity for our award-winning journalists to offer their perspectives to the NewsWire audience and to be a part of SportsGrid Incorporated’s broad multimedia platforms.”

Invaluable information:

Finally, Dustin Gouker from Legal Sports Report proclaimed that his organization ‘is excited’ to be collaborating with SportsGrid Incorporated so as to premiere ‘a program focused on the business of sportsbetting in North America’. The experienced professional moreover contended that the NewsWire service will supply users ‘with valuable insight into the ins and outs of the sports gambling industry as it expands across the United States and Canada.’

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